APNA Site Upgraded and Moved

The Alternative Pipers of North America web presence has taken a significant leap forward with the establishment of our own website. We started this experiment one year ago using some simple, free, blog software/space to see if there was an interest among alternative pipers in communicating and sharing information. Turns out there are quite a few of you out there. Some have provided content, and some moral support.  One piper in particular, Michael Simone, liked what we were doing so much that he decided to help us take steps toward having a more full featured web presence and creating a non-profit organization to coordinate and fund this embryonic enterprise. Thanks Michael!

Today we are announcing the transition of our APNA web presence from a blog site to our own full-featured web site. The site and the concepts are evolving, but we think it’s now ready for other pipers to view and comment on. In the coming months we will incorporate a non-profit organization, so that those who wish to support this effort may make tax deductible charitable contributions to keep the effort going.

We have some ideas for articles and features that will be showing up during the next year, but we really need all of you who are out there floating on the fringes of the traditional piping world to submit ideas, articles, videos, events, tunes and whatever else to keep this thing going. Whether you love the Macedonian bagpipe, play Northumbrian Smallpipes, or want to review a piping performance, recording or tune book, give us a shout.  We’re open to almost anything.

All of the old content found on this site has been transferred. All new content will appear only at :


Check it out!

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Nate Banton

Barry Shears

John Dally

Michael Simone